Monday, October 12, 2009

Geocaper - Playing real life Clue

The last couple years we have participated in a really fun geocaching event called the Geocaper.

Last year we were 3rd place - Geocaper 2008

We were hoping to come back this year and place even better. We were once again the House of Orange, and had shirts, and the women folk had orange hair ribbons.

While last year's game was based on the Amazing Race, this year it was based on the board game Clue.
We are all ready - all decked out in Orange

Working fervently on these puzzles -

And then in the end - we didn't solve a single puzzle. Guess more time on puzzle skills, less on hair ribbons and shirts......

BUT - we will be back next year..............and we can only go up from here!


Keri said...

At least you looked good as you lost...there is something to be said about that! Love the ribbons :)

Adrienne said...

So funy! I guess you will have to invest in a CSI or clue game!!!!