Sunday, October 11, 2009

Visiting Keri and Kids

We had a few days this summer where we weren't actually doing ANYTHING - WHA??

So I took the boys, packed them up in the van, and headed over to Yakima to let the boys see their cousins over there, and I could visit with my sister. She also had air conditioning - just an added bonus to getting to see her and the kids.

We had a couple fun filled days. One of our days we went to a splash park - it was deserted. We weren't sure if it is wasn't hot enough for the Yakima folks, but it was plenty hot for us.

We went and picked cherries at an orchard. Of course Ben shared with Zach.........

We went over to Dave's parents house - and Josh got buried in their sand pit.

We had loads and loads of fun. Thanks for having us over! We love you guys!

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Keri said...

Fun fun times! Come and visit again anytime, we miss you!!!